Global Knowledge and Research on Flexible Work

The FlexWork Hub is a global meeting place for experts to come together and share their ideas, best practices and create mutually beneficial business opportunities related to flexible work.

What is Flexible Work

Flexible work refers to a working schedule or work location outside the usual 9 to 6 in a classic office setting. Flexibility is expressed in terms of working hours, when the work is conducted and where. The most known forms of flexible work are working from home or a remote location as well as working reduced hours.

Who are we?

The FlexWork Hub was created by a group of consulting companies and professionals to come together and exchange ideas, expertise as well as best practices related to flexibility. We "live and breathe" flexibility with the aim to make flexibility part of everyday work life, whether it is remote working or flexible hours.

How to use the hub?

FlexWork Hub members will be part of a global network of experts on flexibility around the world. They are welcome to publish their insights, surveys, and articles. We want to foster the exchange of new ideas and standards from around the world. Students, companies and the press can access all published articles.

Our Goals

We are the first and foremost global hub for flexible work companies to meet, create business possibilities, share experiences and best case scenarios as well as jointly researching trends and analyzing new data about flexible work.

We are a source of information about flexible work for students, employees, companies and global media.

Together with our members, we want to create awareness and movement that makes flexibility the norm in everyday work life. We want to address decision makers, governments, and policymakers to have an impact on cultural and societal changes.

We welcome our members to publicize about being part of the global Flexwork hub.

Why join the FlexWork Hub?

The FlexWork Hub is a unique international network dedicated to all things flexible work and we want you to be a part of it. As a member, you will have the opportunity to create and access content related to flexible work.

Together we can research the latest trends and analyze new data. This also means co-writing articles and essays that can be shared across all social media channels helping you increase your visibility.

The FlexWork Hub is also a meeting place to share your ideas, present your business cases and best practices. By connecting members from all over the world, we open the door to new business opportunities that seemed out of reach before.

Joining Criteria

•  You are an established company or expert in your country
• You have worked on at least 2 or 3 actual cases/projects
• You have an active website / LinkedIn profile
• You are willing to contribute with texts or content at least once a month
• You are happy to follow the ethical guidelines of the FlexWork hub
• You are active on social media and have previously created content related to flexible work